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Ultimate Money Mindset expels the worn out myth that "wealth is measured by how much money you have" by asking "how far are you from financial stress?". This simple exercise along with the incredibly powerful 2X Method Formula, will help you to completely understand, control and grow your wealth to the point where you achieve the ultimate financial goal of permanent financial freedom in as short a period as possible.

The aim of this book is to assist you to gain instant financial clarity and control. You will find that once you grasp the 2X Method your life will never be the same and financial freedom will actually be much closer than you thought.

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Here's what you'll discover inside:

The truth about why you'll be financially free way before you become a millionaire.

"Financial Stress Busting" - Fully explained

How "Bloody Knee Economics" instantly changes your wealth perspective

How the simple "2X Wealth Formula" gives you incredible financial clarity

The "Magic" 5% Rule for a lifetime of safe, passive, regular income

How to achieve your money goals incredibly fast with just one little tweak

Plus 27 chapters of easy to read, powerful insights for achieveing financial freedom

Including... the super simple formula for a lifetime's supply of cash!


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"Your book seems to be causing a transformation in people's lives around the world. It is brilliant and fresh. I've never thought about money in this way before. I personally feel transformed from having read it.
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