Hire Bill Stacy: Public Speaker

Hire Bill Stacy To Make Your Event A Success!

Would you like me to speak at your event?

My aim is to become and remain the world’s foremost speaker on money and wealth mindset. I have a totally unique approach with a 99.8% success rate in blowing minds and permanently and instantly changing people’s mindsets on the spot in a single exposure. I’ve been referred to as the world’s best Financial Entertainer but I’ve also been described as a Money Mindset Wizard, A Wealth Preparation Specialist and also (amusingly) The Wallet Whisperer.

I love speaking to large (or small) groups and I’m always¬† prepared as I know my material off by heart, back to front and sideways. I’m an exciting and dynamic speaker who’s sure to thrill, excite, motivate and influence your audiences. They will never forget my talk and my aim is to make your event an unforgeable experience.

My main talk is between 3 and 4 hours long depending on how long the Q&A session lasts. I can do a full day as well if desired. However if you only have a small spot the shortest talk I can do is about 50-60 minutes. I always finish on time. I know how important that is.

My talks are designed to totally transform your guest’s money mindset so I’m well suited to speak to the following audiences:

  • Financial Traders (including stock market, options, Forex, bitcoin…etc)
  • Real Estate investors
  • Financial Planners and Advisors
  • Commissioned Sales Staff
  • Small Business Owners
  • Multi level and Network Marketers
  • Active Entrepreneurs
  • App Developers
  • E-commerce workshops
  • Seminars, workshops or break out sessions
  • Yes, even webinars!
  • Anywhere an improved money mindset will enhance your guest’s success
  • …etc

If you’d like to have me speak my fees are negotiable depending on your budget but always include all expenses door to door ex Adelaide South Australia. I encourage you to send me an email outlining your event, how long you’d like me to speak and any details you think I need to know about the type of audience and guests I’ll be speaking to. Please note I reserve the right to film my talks and retain ownership of the footage. I’m also open to book sale deals or I can refrain from selling – as you wish. As an alternative you can pre-purchase my books in digital or paperback format as gifts or to make available to your audience.

Please contact me at first via email to my personal email account which delivers directly to my phone every minute of the day at v8bill@gmail.com. 

I look forward to your query and yes, I will travel to any corner of the globe to make your event an unforgettable success.

Thank you for your interest.


Bill Stacy